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Extreme Dog Fence Staples

Instead of digging deep trenches to bury your dog fence boundary wire, try using dog fence staples! Avoid the work and extra effort needed to install your dog fence system. These 6-inch steel staples are semi-flexible for easy placement.  Each eXtreme Dog Fence Staple pack comes with 100 staples, enough to set boundary wire every 2 to 5 feet on a ½ acre property. Look to our guide below on how many staples you will need for larger properties.

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Benefits of Using Waterproof Splices

Easy to Install: One of the most daunting issues facing dog fence users is installation. Using fence staples is an easy alternative to digging deep trenches below the ground. The pressure from your hand is enough to push the staples into the ground. The other benefit of placing your electric dog fence boundary wire with staples? There’s less likelihood of loss of signal.

Multi-Purpose: Dog fence staples aren’t just for electric fences. Use them to secure garden plants, netting, sun screens, irrigation systems, etc. There are many ways to utilize these handy little tools!

Appropriate for Foot Traffic: Do you have a lot of people walking over the boundary wire? That’s fine! Just secure the wire well every 2 to 5 feet to reduce tripping hazards. As a reminder, use an edger to create a 1-inch deep impression into the soil in order to reduce any wear and tear caused by foot traffic. If not, again, just mow the grass very short so that you can install the wire snugly.

An Easier Option Than Digging a Trench

The most labor-intensive aspect of installing your own electric pet fence has to be the digging and burying of boundary wire. For most homes, just laying the wire and stapling to the ground along fence posts, driveways, patios, and sidewalks is an easy, fast way to get the job done.


Using these landscape staples, plant the wire while attaching it to the ground on freshly mown grass. In 7 – 14 days the grass and plant life of your lawn will grow over the wire and hide it away from view. This basically buries it into the lawn and into the natural environment around the wire. This makes the installation of your system as hassle free as possible. It also eliminates any loss of signal that may result from burying the boundary wire under several inches of dirt.

For best results, install staples on a freshly cut lawn this will prevent the grass from pushing the wire up above the lawn mower blade. Eventually the grass will grow around the wire, making it practically invisible while allowing you to mow the lawn over it.


Not sure how many staples you need for your property? Every eXtreme Dog Fence Staple pack comes with 100 staples. It is our suggestion that you use one every 2 to 5 feet to ensure boundary wire doesn’t come loose. Here’s a handy cheat-sheet to help you decide how many lawn staples you need to install your electric pet fence:

500′ feet (1/3 acre) = 100 staples

1000′ feet (1 acres) = 200 staples

1500′ feet (3 acres) = 300 staples

2000′ feet (5 acres) = 400 staples

2500′ feet (7.5 acres) = 500 staples

3000′ feet (10 acres) = 600 staples

3500′ feet (15 acres) = 700 staples

4000′ feet (20 acres) = 800 staples

4500′ feet (30 acres) = 900 staples

5000′ feet (35 acres) = 1000 staples

5500′ feet (40 acres) = 1100 staples

6000′ feet (50 acres) = 1200 staples

6500′ feet (60 acres) = 1300 staples

7000′ feet (70 acres) = 1400 staples

7500′ feet (80 acres) = 1500 staples

8000′ feet (90 acres) = 1600 staples

8500′ feet (100 acres) = 1700 staples

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