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Extreme Dog Fence Boundary Wire

When it comes to the safety of your pet, we know that owners who use eXtreme Dog Fences are serious. Therefore, when you buy an eXtreme Dog Fence we ship out heavy gauge dog fence boundary wire. 14-gauge dog fence wire is much thicker than what typically comes with a dog fence kit.  Many kits only come with thin 20-gauge wire. We ship our kits with strong 14-gauge wire for your dog fence. The thicker wire ensures that your dog fence wire will not fail and cause you the stress of digging it out. We know 14-gauge dog fence wire is the best option for your dog fence. It is also designed to stand up to cold, heat, moisture, and the sun’s UV rays.

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What Makes Polyethylene Superior to PVC?

Extreme dog fence uses only polyethylene jackets on our wires. Polyethylene is a far superior jacket for your wires when compared to PVC.

  • Temperature Range – Polyethylene can maintain itself in temperature extremes more than PVC. Polyethylene’s ideal temperature range for use is between -55 degrees and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Weight – Polyethylene also weighs less than PVC jacketed wires. 2,500 feet polyethylene weighs only 50 lb., whereas a similar amount of PVC insulated wire would weigh 70 lbs.
  • Insulation – And lastly polyethylene jacketed wires have a stronger insulation resistance.

For these reasons, eXtreme Dog fences only uses superior polyethylene jacketed, all copper core wires for our dog fence systems.

Why Use Extreme Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire for Your DIY Dog Fence Kit?

We know that eXtreme Dog Fence boundary wire is the best boundary wire that you can get for your dog fence system because:

  • Compatibility – eXtreme Dog Fence boundary wire is compatible with many of the DIY dog fence systems that you will find in stores today. Which is why we recommend using eXtreme Dog Fence kits for your electric dog fence. Know that our extremely high-quality electric dog fence wire can be used in many brands of electric fencing including PetSafe, Perimeter Technologies, Invisible Fence, SportDOG, dogtra, Pet Shop, High-Tech Pet, DogWatch, and many others.
  • American Made – eXtreme Electric Dog Fence boundary wire is also American made. Our boundary fence wires are solid copper core, not simply copper clad aluminum. We know our products are the best on the market which is why we stand by them.
  • Ease of Use – eXtreme Dog Fence boundary wire is truly simple to use. You shouldn’t fear installing your dog fence wire. Setup is simple. If you opt to bury your wire you can use a standard edger, a trenching machine, or even a simple garden hoe or shovel to dig your trench. But if that seems too much, you can also run your wire above ground. We recommend placing your wire somewhere where it will not see much foot traffic. It can be run alongside your home or even secured to either a wooden fence or a galvanized metal fence.
  • Superior Quality – The thick waterproof polyethylene jacket truly protects your dog fence boundary wire. The heavy duty 14-gauge dog fence wire made of solid copper core is sure to two last through the life of your pet.

eXtreme Dog Fences for Safety

At eXtreme Dog Fencing we know that you care for your pet. This is why you are considering a fence that will ensure their safety while giving them the freedom of movement. Installing your eXtreme Dog Fence using our boundary wire will ensure that you can truly set and forget your boundary wire knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect your pet.


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